10 HTML Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

You best watch out, because the HTML police are about. They scour your code and pick out the most unspeakable crimes against HTML markup.

The writer lists ten of the most common coding mistakes and how to correct them. They include:

  1. Placing Block Elements Inside Inline Element
  2. Not Including an ALT Attribute on Images
  3. Not Using Lists When Necessary
  4. Using <b> and <i> for Bolding and Italicizing
  5. Using Too Many Line Breaks
  6. Using The Wrong Strikethrough Tags
  7. Using Inline Styling
  8. Adding or Removing Borders in HTML
  9. Not Using Header Tags
  10. The Unspeakable Use of <blink> or <marquee>

How does your code measure up? With Spring here, is it time to do some “Spring cleaning” of your code? You can read 10 HTML Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit for the solutions.


  1. And who are the “HTML police” and who appointed them as “police”?

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