20 Popular CSS Online Tools and Generators

I’m always on the lookout for new tools and tips what can help you with designing web pages. On CSS Juice I came across 20 Popular CSS Online Tools and Generators and decided to give it a try. I used the style sheet from Genealogy Web Creations . I picked one of the tools at random CSSClean. I chose only a few of the options:

Screenshot CSS Code Cleaner.

  • Merge shorthand properties
  • Only safe optimizations
  • Compress colors
  • Compress font-weight
  • Case for properties (lowercase)
  • Remove unnecessary backslashes

Click process css. The resulting css showed a savings of 34.2% or 2631 bytes. I normally add comments to my css file so next I chose to check it withthe Save comments options checked. That results in a savings of only 17.8% or 1368 bytes. Not huge but every little bit helps. Now to try the new style sheet out and check and see if it still validates. I think for now I will leave my comments in.

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