Backup Your Website!

My website has disappeared, what could have happened to it? I deleted some of the pages on my site, can I get them back? My hard drive crashed and I lost all of my files. Have you heard this or experienced this yourself?

When was the last time YOU backed up YOUR website? A MUST-READ for everyone who works on their site live or has no backup copy of your website.

I cannot stress the importance of regularly backing up the files on your computer. Your operating system and programs can be reinstalled but if your data is lost, it may be gone forever.

Two excellent articles by S. R. Emerson can be found here –

If you have Windows XP or the new Windows Vista on your computer, there is Backup program you can use already available to you.

Windows XP Backup Made Easy

How to Use the Backup Utility to Back Up Files and Folders in Windows XP Home Edition

Windows Vista Backup and Restore

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