What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like

In my wanderings around the Internet tonight, I came across an article by Chris Coyier called What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like.

I have an addiction. I can’t help but view source on every nice looking website I see. It’s like if you had x-ray glasses that allowed you to see any person you ever saw in their underwear at will. How could you not?

It’s just so tempting to see if a beautiful website is built with beautiful code as well, or if it’s beauty if only skin-deep. Code? Beautiful? Sure. After all, Code is Art. This is just HTML, so it can’t be quite as intricate and elegant as a dynamic language, but it still bears the brush strokes of it’s creator and there is craftsmanship abound.

Since I also have this addiction, I thought I would share his article with with you. He makes a number of points:

  • DOCTYPE Properly Declared
  • Tidy Head Section
  • Body IDed
  • Semantically Clean Menu
  • Main Div for all Page Content
  • Common Content INCLUDED
  • Code is Tabbed into Sections
  • Proper Ending Tags
  • Hierarchy of Header Tags
  • Content, Content, Content
  • No Styling

He includes a neat graphic image and you can download the entire thing in pdf format. Check out What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like and see what YOU think.

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