Personal Ancestral File (PAF) is Discontinued

According to the FamilySearch Blog, Personal Ancestral File – PAF for short – is being discontinued. Beginning July 15, 2013, PAF will be retired and will no longer be available for download or support. PAF users should consider alternative products to meet their ongoing personal genealogy management needs. I have been using PAF for my genealogy database for many years now. It has served my needs over the years BUT perhaps now it is time to look at another program. BUT which one?

FamilySearch recommends that you choose one of the following free, third-party products that have each been certified to work with FamilySearch and the Family Tree. The three they recommend are:

Each of the above programs offers a free basic version as well as a more robust paid version. You may want to try each of them before you make a final decision.  I already have Ancestral Quest (Paid version) installed on my computer so will give it a try.

Can I continue using PAF? Yes. PAF will continue to work on all versions of Windows as of 2013, including Windows 8. Just be aware that it will no longer be supported or improved. FamilySearch strongly recommends choosing an alternative product.