Free Site Template Layouts for FrontPage 2003 and Sharepoint Designer 2007

Site Templates for Expression Web, FrontPage 2003, and Sharepoint Designer 2007.

Site Templates

These FREE Expression Web Site Templates were previously announced on Expression Web Tips. They are available for all versions of Expression Web. They will also work in FrontPage 2003 and the free Sharepoint Designer 2007.

The set of twelve site templates are based on Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor for Expression Web produced by Webassit but no longer available. Each of the site template packages is complete with a linked style sheet and dwt and is commented in-depth so they are easy for you to use.  Included is a search box and contact form with instructions on how to use them and full instructions on working with these and other pages of the site. You can download all twelve of the templates at Expression Web Site Templates.

The Site Templates are available as:

  • One column, with top navigation, header, and footer
  • Two column, with left sidebar, top navigation, header, and footer
  • Two column, right sidebar, top navigation, header, and footer
  • Three columns, left and right sidebar, top navigation

Within each of the above four groups, you will find the following layouts available:

  • Fixed width to 800px
  • Fixed Width to 1024px
  • Liquid Width

Each package include the following pages with instructions on how to use them and why you should include them as part of your site.

Download the Expression Web Site Templates and remember they WILL WORK with both FrontPage 2003 as well as SharePoint Designer 2007. Tweak them by changing the colors and graphic images. Make them your own. This is our gift to you, the web design community.