Roots and Branches Mobile Friendly Site Template

Roots and Branches is the newest template offered on our sister site Expression Web Tutorials & Templates. It is a fixed width equal height columns layout that is mobile friendly.  This template uses some CSS3 for the rounded corners.  The rounded corners will display as intended in newer modern browsers. They will degrade gracefully in older browsers and default to rectangular corners. Currently the template is available only as a personal web package that can be used with Expression Web. Don’t have Expression Web? You can download Expression Web (free version)  that is fully functional and has no time out date. I will be making the template available in a package that will work with any web editing program ASAP. Download Roots and Branches site template package.


The Roots and Branches template package is also available in shades of blue. As well as the DWT, the package includes a blank template that can be used with any web editor and a template that makes use of server side includes.


Download the Roots and Branches site template package.

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