Choosing a WordPress Theme

Once you have installed your wordpress blog and it is working as it should, it is time to think about what theme you will use. Remember, not all themes are created equal. For me, this was the hardest choice. I wanted the theme I chose to:

  • Validate out-of-the-box or, at the least, have very few errors or warnings
  • Have a fluid layout so that it would resize with no scrollbar at 800×600 resolution
  • Was easy to customize the style sheet

Lorelle vonFossen has an article Choosing a WordPress Theme on her WordPress Blog that I can highly recommend. There are lots of free themes out there or you may choose to buy one of the premium themes or even have one custom designed for you.

I found most of the features I was looking for in the theme I choose, Misty Look by Sadish Bala. However the header image did not reflect what the subject of my blog was about so I went looking for a new header image. In searching, I found Free Web Page Headers where I found exactly what I was looking for. I changed the colors in the style sheet to reflect the colors of my new header and made a slight adjustment in the widths so that the page resized to 800×600 yet still looked good at higher resolutions. Make sure you check your chosen theme in more than one browser and at more than one resolution.


  1. This is a good simple and easy to understand article. I also got a few tips from this articles, especially the resolution and size tips. I design some websites occasionally for niche markets and I didn’t know the rules for that. thank you.


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