Starting Fresh – 5 Ways to Clean Up

It is the start of a new year and maybe we are making some New Year’s Resolutions. You have been adding pages to your site throughout the year, changing pages, images and links. Do you clean up after each edit or are unsed styles, pages and images accumulating on your site.  It’s a new year and time for a fresh start. Time to clean up and reorganize.

  1. Clean Up Inline/Embedded Styles – Put some time aside to look for any inline styles and organize them back in your proper style sheet. The Web Developers Tool for Fire Fox can help you with this task. It is one of the Firefox Addons I use on a daily basis. Click the CSS button and the embedded styles show first, then your external style sheet.
  2. Combine Classes and Delete Duplicate/Unused classes – As we work on our pages, we add new styles. Perhaps you already have the same style with a different name or you could combine a class and/or ID. Some of the styles you have created may no longer even be uses. The “orphan” classes and ID’s should be deleted.
  3. Archive Unused Files and Old Documents – We all accumulate unused files, folders, and images. If you are sure you no longer need them, delete them OR move them to a folder (I call mine orphans) to save for later use or deletion.
  4. Optimize CSS Files and Validate Your HTML/CSS – Do you optimize or validate your code? NO, it is not mandatory but it is an excellent habit to get into. Again, the Web Developers Tool for Fire Fox can help you with this task. You can also use the XHTML and CSS validator. Another tool that I just started using is the
    Total Validator Advanced Desktop Tool.
  5. Pick Up Good Habits Writing Clean Code – I’ve pointed to this article by Chris Coyier, on how to write clean HTML and CSS.

So with the start of a New Year read 5 Tips to Clean up HTML and CSS – Getting in good habits

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