Creating a “content” snippet

This tutorial comes under the heading of “Why didn’t I think of that?” I design FREE CSS layout templates for use by the genealogy community or anyone for that matter. When I post them, I usually use filler content so you can see what the page would look like with content instead of just blank. Once the template is finished, I head on over to enter the number of paragraphs I want or the list items, press the Generate Lorem Ipsum button, copy the text in the browser window, and then paste it into my page in Expression Web template that I am using as the example. Time consuming but it works.

Then I came across Creating a “content” snippet, a tutorial by Anna Ullrich which gives step by step directions for creating a code snippet for inserting the dummy text in Expression Web. What a time-saver. Can you think of other things to use it for? Thank you Anna!

screenshot of content code snippet in Expression Web.

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