Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor for Expression Web

Eric Meyer’s Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor for Expression Web
is now available for the regular price of $49.99.

I have been using Expression Web since it first became available in Beta format. EW is the successor to Microsoft’s web editor FrontPage which is being discontinued. You can download a free trial from Microsoft’s site. Expression Web 2 gives you all the tools you need to produce high-quality, standards-based Web sites including a very good css editor. EW2 comes with a variety of css based layouts you can use to build your sites.

One of the first books I purchased when I started learning how to use cascading style sheets was Eric Meyer’s Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide.

Eric A. Meyer is an American web design consultant and author. He is best known for his advocacy work on behalf of web standards, most notably Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), a technique for managing how HTML is displayed. Meyer has written a number of books and articles on CSS and given many presentations promoting its use. ~from Wikipedia ~

WebAssist, a company known for its DreamWeaver Extensions, is now offering Expression Web Addons. An EW Addon is software you install on YOUR computer that will add functionality to Expression Web that is not available with the original product. Then came the announcement from WebAssist for a free trial of their newest addon, Eric Meyer’s Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor for Expression Web
. Eric Meyer is recognized as a leading authority on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Let Eric Meyer, renowned CSS master, help you create the custom Web standards compliant, CSS-based layout you want and flatten the CSS learning curve. Start by choosing from any of the 30 included layouts-and then modify the design to the max: change the page width and position or number of columns. Specify margins and padding for any page element along with type properties for paragraphs, headings and link states. Bring in background colors, background images (repeating or not) or any style of border. Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor generates styles sheets for both screen and print in one operation. You can even save your modified layouts as new presets to be easily re-created or modified further. Bring the master’s touch to your designs with Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor. ~ from WebAssist ~

I downloaded the trial version and started working with the program. It works from within Expression Web and adds a selection to the File Menu. File > New CSS Sculptor Page. Select from any of the 30 included layouts-and then modify the design to your liking. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Screenshot CSS Sculptor for Expression Web.

Screenshot CSS Sculptor for Expression Web.

You can choose to have the styles inserted within the head section of your page or saved as an external style sheet. You can choose to have comments added to the style sheet and placeholder text added to the page. The addon was introduced at the same time I was revising my genealogy website so I put CSS Sculptor for EW to the test. This is the final result

Screenshot Family Genealogy WebSite.

Screenshot Family Genealogy WebSite.

I was impressed enough with the program to purchase it when it became available. I use it whenever I am working on a site to create the basic layout then tweak it from with Expression Web. There is also a manual in pdf format available for download.

Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor for Expression Web
is available from WebAssist for $49.99.

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