DAR Genealogical Research System

The DAR Genealogical Research System is a combination of several databases created in recent years to organize the large quantity of information that the DAR has collected since its inception in 1890. Much of the work to create these research tools is the direct result of funding provided by the President General’s Project of the administrations of Linda Tinker Watkins (2001-2004) and Presley Merritt Wagoner (2004-2007). This system of databases will continue to expand as new information is added.

Once you click on the link DAR Genealogical Research System, you will see the screen pictured below

Screenshot DAR Genealogical Research System.

Click thumbnail for a larger view.

You can access the various databases through the “tabs” along the top of the search screen. The following descriptions provide basic information about each database.

Ancestor Tab

The Ancestor Tab is the working database of the DAR Genealogy Office and the data are taken from verified membership applications and supplemental applications. The database is NOT a comprehensive list of all individuals who served in the Revolutionary War.

Member Tab

You may search for basic information on a member’s ancestor record using their national number, name and other fields using the Member Tab.

Descendants Tab

The Descendants database is an index of the names found on the lineage page of DAR applications and supplemental applications. This database is an ongoing project. If you do not locate the name you are expecting to find it may be because not all the applications have been indexed.


The DAR’s Genealogical Records Committee Reports began in 1913 and are added to every year. The information in these 20,000 typescript volumes is predominately Bible record and cemetery record transcriptions along with many other types of transcribed or abstracted genealogical sources.

Resources Tab

Researchers will find a variety of links to other resources of use in genealogical research in this section of the system.

Library Catalog Tab

This section provides a direct link to the DAR Library’s online catalog.

You can obtain a much more detailed description of each of the tabs by visiting http://www.dar.org/library/online_research.cfm

Using my own ancestor, Solomon Phillips, as an example, the image below is what you will see if you search on the Descendants Tab.

Screenshot of Descendants Tab Search Results.

Click on thumbnail for larger image.

If you click on the icon descendants-icon you can view the list. View a screenshot of the Descendant’s List.

Take some time to explore all of the options available on this new tool available to aid in your genealogy research.


  1. William Hansford says:

    I am trying to locate application of my cousin Caroly Faz who joined DAR on our ancestor William Hansard/Hansford (VA -GA).
    Will appreciate help in locating this record. I am in process of joining SAR.

    Thanks for your help,
    William C. Hansford, MD
    Birmingham, Alabama

  2. I am trying to locate Dr. Hansford in relation to my Hansford genealogy research. I am in Palatka, Fl. At Newcastle Shipyards. Thanks, Brian Keith

  3. Sue Jaworowski says:

    I will try to help you with your Hansford Research. Contact me.

  4. Carol Proud says:

    I would like to see the contents of the DAR record number 149366. I am applying to join the DAR and need to have access to this information. I would appreciate your letting me know if you can accommodate this request. Thank you.

  5. Carol, I do NOT have access to the database. You will need the follow the instructions on that site to obtain copies of the records.

  6. Beverly Keller says:

    I am trying to locate the records/or baptism records of Charles Queen. When born his last name would have been Charles McQueen Jr. He was born in 1752 to the parents of Charles McQueenSr and his wife (name not known). Charles Queen Jr (McQueen) returned to America in 1770 unmarried. He married May Haley in 1773. He was the father of 9 children born during the American Revolution. He would be the first generation born in this country and my husband’s patriot for SAR if I can locate this information. I cannot belong to DAR but have a daughter and 8 granddaughters that would qualifty if this information can be located. Thanks for any help available.

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