Hiding your E-mail Address from Spambots

QUESTION: How can I tell if the spambots can “harvest” my e-mail address from my web page?

ANSWER: Fill out the form to check and see if the spambot can read the e-mail addresses on your page.

QUESTION: How can I scramble my e-mail address so the spambots cannot read it?


  • To make it more difficult for spam bots to “collect” email addresses from your page you can use this “scrambler” that turns the email address into its ASCII code equivalent. If this link does not work, Google email encoder.
  • You can use a javascript scrambler but those viewers who have javascript turned off will not be able to read it.
  • I use the following on many of my pages. Thanks to Tina Clarke for the suggestion.
    • Place your cursor where you want the address to appear and go to html view and insert the following:
    • Contact: name<code>@</code>domain.com
    • Change the name and domain.com to your own details.
    • View your web page and you will see it looks like a normal email address but is not clickable and can’t be read by a Bot.
    • You can leave instructions by using a title tag on the text however, like the following.
    • <a title=”Copy and Paste the email address to your email editor to send a message to Pat.”>patgeary<code>@</code>adelphia.net</a>

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