Expression Web Tips Ebook Vol ll

Just released Volume II of Expression Web Tips Ebook containing 26 brand new tips for using Expression Web written by Tina Clarke, Microsoft MVP – FrontPage. Tina is also the owner of the Any Expression Web Tips Ezine which brings these tips to you weekly.

If you miss any of the tips in the ezine, there is no archives and the tips are not resent, however you can obtain them now without waiting and worrying if you are going to miss an Original Expression Web Tip by buying the Any Expression Web Tips Ebook Vol ll for just $7.00.. The ebook is filled with 26 EW Tips all original and comes complete with a bonus Expression Web Query with Tip 49.

Volume I of the Expression Web Tips is also available at the price of $7.00 or you can purchase both Volume I and Volume II for $13.00.

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