Family Group Sheets

Adding a Family Group Sheet to your Genealogy Site

A Family Group Sheet is one of the “fun” things you can add to your web site. Err, well, let me rephrase that. It’s fun to receive one — they often come unexpectedly and may contain a new treasure of information about your family. What is not so much fun is creating the form and setting it up so you actually receive the information. ~ from Pat Asher’s Site

If your site is hosted by Rootsweb, you can use their mailmerge feature to add a family group sheet to your site. Follow Pat’s instructions.

If your site is hosted by another server, you might like to give the script I use for this family group sheet. The design is based on Pat’s fgs but uses a script offered by James Huggins – Huggins’ Email Form Script

With a little extra work, you can end up with a form that is styled like the rest of your site.

Some Examples:
My Site
Pat Asher’s Site

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