Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web Class

The next class will begin on April 5, 2009 and will last four weeks. The eBook is included as part of the class. Readers of this blog may obtain a 10% discount on the $79.95 cost of the class by using the code PGfriends when you register. REGISTER NOW so you can start at the beginning.

If the class does not fit into your current schedule, you may purchase the eBook separately.

Updates for the eBook and the class schedules will be announced on our FrontPage to Expression mailing list

Migrating from FrontPage to Expression EBook $29.00


Perhaps you are using FrontPage 1998, one of the earliest versions of FrontPage to design your websites. Maybe you are using a later version 2000 or 2002. Are you still using Themes, Shared Borders, and the Navigation Bots? Have you upgraded to FrontPage 2003 but still using the formatting toolbar which adds all of those <font> tags? Is your site accessible to those visitors who cannot “see” you site?

Do you already have Expression Web or maybe you are thinking of getting it? Perhaps you have it but have decided the process of cleaning up your site is just “too much.”

(Did you know you can upgrade for less than $99 if you have a qualifying application which includes many of the Microsoft products?) Not in your budget right now?

You still might consider taking Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web.  Why? In the class we teach you to use many of Expression Web’s clean up tools and EW does help where FrontPage simply cannot. Some of cleanup can just as easily be done with other third party tools or using FrontPage 2003 in particular. Microsoft does provide a free 30 day trial of Expression Web so you can test out the software, but the software may expire BEFORE you have completed the class. We are also teaching you how to make use of accessibility features.

The cost for class has is $79.95 AND you will receive a copy of the eBook which contains additional material, lots of screenshots, and a selection of templates you can use. While the book is an excellent resource, the class gives you two Microsoft MVPs to hold your hand and answer your questions while you are migrating. What more could you want?

To register go to http://starttoweb.com/classes/fp-ew.php and start learning how to clean up your code. Remember, using cleaner coding methods means easier maintenance and easier maintainance me