Genealogy is More Than Names, Dates, and Places

Genealogy is more than names, dates, and places. It’s putting some “meat on the bones” of our ancestors or even present day relatives. I wrote this on July 29, 2005. I hope it puts some “meat on the bones” of my husband who is also my best friend.

Battle of the Berry Bushes

Jim 0 Bushes 10

I left to run some errands only to be gone a couple of hours. Got back and Katie (our dog) is in the driveway looking forlorn and Jim is no where around. I blew the car horn for my helpers. Katie is eager to see what I have – no Jim. I carry the first load in calling “Jim, Jim.” No answer. I look in the basement and out back just in case he doesn’t hear me. No Jim, no note on the board. I call, I look and still no hubby. I begin to wonder if he fell and is hurt. I really look in every room, in bathrooms, in basement, under house. I begin to think he may have gone for a walk but he usually leaves a note and would normally take Katie.

I bring the rest of the stuff in the house watching the road. Aaahhh! Here he comes walking down the hill, clutching something. As he gets closer I realize he looks rather battle worn – muddy, bloody and disheveled.

Each morning we walk our hill and stop to pick enough blackberries for his breakfast. He decided he wanted a blackberry pie so went to pick berries. He has on long pants, long sleeved shirt, hat and gloves. After all, berries do not give up their treasures easily! He picks and picks only to discover his bag has a hole and the berries have fallen on the ground. He tries to rescue them – he is already tasting the warm pie with vanilla ice cream. He gives up walking home dripping blood from his hands (very thin skin), his clothes hat, and shoes, muddy and bloody and juice covered. He has about 1 ½ cups complete with leaves and sticks. I add some frozen berries to what he has so he can have his pie. He cleans up and we have BLT’s for lunch. I’ll bake his pie as soon as the rest of the berries thaw out.

For those of you who think I worry excessively, Jim is 91, is 5’6′ and weighs not much more than 120 lbs soaking wet. The pie will taste all the better tonight!!

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