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Have you been searching for a website template you can use to design your genealogy website? There are lots of free templates out there, some specific for genealogy, some not. Some of these are free and some are not. Most free templates require a linkback to the site offering them. REMEMBER: All templates are NOT created equal.

Before you start using a template you have downloaded, the very first thing I do is to validate it. It is much easier to correct coding before you start adding your own content than after you are finished. Make sure you understand enough html coding and css (cascading style sheets) to fix or change things that might go wrong. The majority of free templates come with NO technical support.

I have created a series of templates you can use for your genealogy website available for FREE download at Genealogy Web Creations. They are all css based layouts with the exception of one that uses tables. Each of them validates “out of the box.”

This is just one of the templates available.

Multifloral Genealogy Website Template.

If you have questions or need help, feel free to contact me. If you use any of the templates a linkback would be appreciated but is not required.

Pat Geary.


  1. Hi Pat,

    This is the first time I’ve visited your site. I’m impressed…and will return. You’ve lots of good things to learn here. Other than an Internet online class or two, I’m self taught as far as web pages go. I’m always on the alert for new techniques, and this site certainly has several.

    Happy Dae.

  2. Hi Pat,

    Some great advice regarding validation Pat. Well done.

    We have found though that many family History / Genealogy researchers are complete novices at setting their own websites up, hence we are trying to help at

    Once again thanks and well done.

    making genealogy / family history websites easy

  3. Ken Atherton says:

    I have inherited a title and wish to create a genealogy structure to show the previous holders of the title – any suggestions for downloads, obviously I may need more strands than a family tree design which only concerns a Mother & Father.


    Ken Atherton

  4. The challenge I am having with finding the right genealogy website software is I want the content to be generated from my GEDCOM file and/or Legacy Family Tree 7.0 file — and to be able to update my website when I update my database.

    I’m up to 1700 names in my GEDCOM file with lots of pictures and documents.

    But every week I’m adding more information.

    The point of the website is to share it with some distant relatives so that they’ll provide more information to help add to my database.

    However, once I create the website, I want to be able to easily update it when I put new information into my off-line database.

    Any advice?

  5. Yes, use the Rootsweb WorldConnect project to upload your GEDCOM database. It does all the formatting for you and use your webspace for adding narratives, photos and whatever. Example:

    WorldConnect Database I just upload a new database when I make changes to the one on my computer. It then links to the narrative site listed below. If I chose to do so, I could allow the database to be downloaded by others. I do not.

    Geary/Gary Family Genealogy

    As people send me more information, i update the narrative site or the database. There are four separate databases online which link to the respective parts of the one site.

  6. Aoife FitzGerald says:

    I am hoping to start a website, a one name study on both the Families Kirwan and FitzGerald, I have a huge amount of information but am only starting to learn html and xhtml, I havent even touched css. so I really am a beginner. Someone suggested your site as a good place to start, but I am not sure how I would transform your templates into a website for the information I have. All advice and information would be gratefully accepted
    Aoife FitzGerald

  7. Aoife, this site has used one of the templates for her one name study BUT she has somehow messed up the attached style sheet –

    It will however give you an idea of how she has laid out the site.

    Once you figure out how you want the basic look of your site to display – masthead, site navigation, and footer, then you just use the template and fill in the content for the site.

    Really depends on how you want to offer the information.

  8. I use Legacy FamilyTree software. They have a wonderful feature that allows you to create a website. You can get the software here.

  9. My husband and I are trying to design a genealogy website and get it up and running. We have lots of files, 2 different types of design software, and a host server/account, plus we paid for our domain name already. Can the owner of the software gain access to our personal genealogy database? It isn’t something we want to share publicly (we would like to create a password-protected area of the website). Thanks.

  10. If the site is password protected, the only folks who have access are the ones YOU give the password too. Make it a strong password though.

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