Huggins Email Form Script Help

For many years now I have used and highly recommended James Huggins email form script. I use it on each of my sites for the Contact Form and the Family Group Sheet. Examples include:

Huggins’ Email Form Script is a free PHP script to process Web Forms, specifically those forms which accept information and send an email with that information. It is ideal for people who don’t know how to write a script, don’t want to use a script that exposes their email to spambots, want more features than their current script offers or who are using FrontPage Server Extensions which are going away.

James script is and always has been FREE. It comes complete with documentation and a sample form. You can install and modify it yourself at no cost. If you are not comfortable installing the script and getting the form to work, James is now offering a service to do a simple basic install of the script on your site for a fee. You can read more on Huggins’ Email Form Script as well as download all of the files needed. If you want James to install the script for you, please contact him.

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