Introduction to Expression Web

Expression Web is a web editor from Microsoft that was released December 4, 2006 and is the successor to MS FrontPage. Cheryl Wise is the author of Foundations of Expression Web: The Basics and Beyond and is the instructor for this four week course which begins April 5, 2009.

Introduction to Expression Web – This class is newly updated for Expression Web 2 but you may take this class using either version of Expression Web.

Are you ready to take the plunge and move to a standards based web editor?

This class has been restructured to get you up and running with Expression Web in just 4 weeks. While you will not be an expert on Expression Web or a professional web designer you will be able to create and manage small websites and, with practice, be able to expand on the skills you learn to create more complex websites using Expression Web.


Expression Web – You may download the 60 day trial version from the Microsoft Expression Web Site our class is 4 weeks long so the 60 day trial is adequate. If you choose to take this class with the trial version make sure that you obtain and use the registration key or your trial will end before the full trial period.

Prior Experience:

No prior web design experience required but will be useful.


The book required for this class is Foundations of Expression Web: The Basics and Beyond available at Amazon or a bookseller near you.  ( There will be reference to sections of this book that will help you better understand CSS.

Introduction to Expression Web – The Class

This course covers the fundamentals of standards based web design, including xhtml and css:

Week 1 – Getting Started

  • Why Worry About Standards
  • Why CSS Layouts?
  • Website Planning
  • Installing Expression Web
  • Interface
  • Configuring Expression Web
    • Site Settings
    • Page Editor Options Overview
      • Version 1
      • Version 2
      • CSS Tab
      • Font Family Tab
  • File Menu
  • Page Properties
  • Semantic HTML – Structuring Your Page
  • Publishing

Week 2

  • CSS Basics
  • CSS Tools
  • Fonts
  • Block
  • Background
  • Box
  • Positioning
    • Options in the New-Modify Styles Dialog box
    • Float vs Positioning
    • Lists & Tables
  • Applying Styles

Week 3

  • Contextual Selectors
  • Creating Page layouts
  • Layout Examples

Week 4

  • Dynamic Web Templates
    • Creating the DWT
    • New Pages and DWTS
    • Editing a DWT
    • Detaching or Changing a DWT
  • Preparing an Existing Page for a DWT
  • Site Reports
    • Report Options
    • Slow Pages
    • Hyperlinks
    • Accessibility Report
    • Compatibility Reports
    • CSS Reports
  • External Stylesheets

By the end of the 4week course you will have a simple multi-page website that will work on all modern browsers. You will have an understanding of the underlying principles of effective web design that will look good.

If you are interested in taking this class, you can read more about Introduction to Expression Web and register for the class at Start To Web. Cost of the Class is $89.95. Readers of this blog can obtain a 10% discount by using the coupon code PGfriends.


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