Moving A WordPress Blog

“Blogging for Business” was the title of one of the lessons in the SEO Training Class I was taking. “I can do this”, I thought. I downloaded the WordPress software and following Cricket’s tutorial for installing WordPress created Genealogy Tips & Tutorials in December 2005 as a subdomain of my Family Genealogy Site.

I upgraded the software on one occasion and added various plugins. Fast forward to July 2007. I am working with Tina Clarke on an e-book for WordPress when I decide it is time to move the blog to its own domain. is available. I buy it and set it up on my server with 1and1 hosting.

Now comes the hard part – how to move the blog from one url to another. What do I need to do. WordPress has a terrific tutorial for Moving WordPress which I followed.

This tutorial is now part of the FREE Launching a WordPress Blog EBook by Tina Clarke and Pat Geary, Microsoft MVP’s – FrontPage. You may download your FREE copy from Genealogy Web Creations.

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