Nifty Navigation Using CSS

A recent article at SitePoint caught my eye. Site navigation is always a topic of interest. A decent menu system is important to any site. Lists are a natural way of providing site wide navigation. Styling them using CSS is easy.

“Unless you limit yourself to one-page web sites, you’ll need to design navigation. In fact, navigation is among the most important parts of any web design, and requires a great deal of thought if visitors are to move around your site easily.”

You can read the rest of Nifty Navigation Using CSS and download it in pdf format from the site.

Screenshot of menu

Screenshot of Nifty Navigation Menu in Action.

Actual Template and style sheet . Change the colors to suit yourself.


  1. Thanks Pat! Just when I need it. Be tweaking the new site before I get it online.


  2. Thanks Pat,
    I have been going nut trying to update Hardeman County Web site. I re did 20 pages and the tables fell apart so am now about half way through redoing with another template. Maybe I can take this one apart and put it back together enough to learn how to do get this done so it all will validate. Thanks again,


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