RootsWeb Freepages Banners Display

PROBLEM: I just posted a new page, and no matter what I try I can’t get my (4%) margins to function, page goes border to border and is harder to read. The lower banner has picked up on my link colour/style, which is too big for the banner, so not pretty. (I use larger fonts since a contact reminded me most fh (family history) fiends are not quite so young, and don’t see quite so well, especially at night when much of this is done).


SOLUTION: Provided by Barry Carlson

The quick work-around is to create a style for your margins, then insert a <.div> tag under the <.body> tag with a closing div prior to the closing < ./body>tag.

In your styles add the following:-

.bdy { margin-left: 4%; margin-right:4%; }

and the div should look like this – <.div class=”bdy”>


All styling moved to an external style sheet

This will cause the Rootsweb banner to display across the entire width of the top and bottom of the page as Rootsweb intended. Be aware that at a resolution of 800×600, this will cause a horizontal scroll.

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