Microsoft’s Free Save as PDF Add-in for Word and Office 2007

Do you have Microsoft Office 2007 installed on your computer? Would you like to be able to easily save some of your documents in pdf format for distribution on your website? In that case, you can download Microsoft’s free Save as PDF add-in for Office 2007. It allows you to create PDF documents in Word and six other Office applications.

Last night, I was working on Genealogy Web Creations and wanted to offer some of my tutorials from that site as pdf downloads complete with links to working pages and graphic image screenshots. Before I had used Open Office to work on this project. I decided to give Word 2007 a try out.

First I opened the website in Expression Web, copied and pasted the article into Word complete with all links and images. OK so far. Only problem was the links referred to files on my hard drive. That would not work. I then opened the page on the web in my browser, copied and pasted the content from Firefox (my default browser) into Word. My links were now intact, the images showed as part of the page and the link to screenshots was preserved.

Next step, Save As > File Type pdf

I now had a nicely formatted tutorial that I could distribute as a download from my site.

The original tutorial for Xara Menu Maker and Front Page

The pdf version for printing.

Would this work for a much longer set of pages that would be a Planning Guide for a Genealogy Website? YES! Complete with table of contents and cover. More Coming . . .

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