Setting up Expression Web 2.0 Ebook

If you are a new user of Expression Web 2.0,the very first thing you should do is set up the program so that you have the best possible work environment. A must have resource is Tina Clarke’s just released Setting up Expression Web 2.0 Ebook. Best of all it is F REE.

We have written this new Setting up ebook about Expression Web 2.0 as there are new features and settings that you need to be aware of. One in particular might have you confused as to what is happening unless you un-tick a certain selection set by default. There are few new beyond the basics settings too which you can find at the end of this page.

By Setting up Expression Web you set the parameters by which you design your web sites, taking the time now, saves you grief in the future. Expression Web setup the right way can enhance your design experience and not only help guide you in the use of CSS but warn you of html errors as you create your template design and content.

She has also revised her Setting up Expression Web 1.0 Ebook which is also F REE.There are a few new settings to watch out for and tweak and the new F ree Ebook tells you how to do just that.

Set yourself up the right way with this F R E E ebook for the Expression Web communties.

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