What Is The Maximum Size for a Web Page??

QUESTION: What is the max KB for a webpage?

ANSWER: One of the important things to remember when designing web pages is their file size. The size of the page determines how fast it loads on the visitor’s browser window.

Web pages can be made up of text, images (GIF, JPEG and PNG) and multimedia content like Flash movies and QuickTime video etc. When you add up the size of all those elements in kilobytes, you get the total amount of kilobytes someone will have to download to see the entire page. This is typically referred to as simply the ‘page size’. If someone has to wait over 10 seconds to see your page, you are probably losing most of your potential audience. High speed Internet is growing steadily, but the majority of surfers are still on old 56k dial-up modems. That means that you are begging for trouble if your pages are over 60k. ~ THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF WEB DESIGN ~

30K — maximum size for your Web page, including all images Thus, if you have two 10K images on your page, you should not have more than 10K of HTML and text. ~ About.com Speedy Web Pages ~

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From that page – Consider reducing total page size to less than 30K to achieve sub eight second response times on 56K connections. Pages over 100K exceed most attention thresholds at 56Kbps, even with feedback.

Graphics size can play a big part in how fast your pages load. Resizing the graphic by changing the dimensions on the page does not reduce the load time. You should resize the graphics in a graphics editor so that they are the size you want to insert them as.

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Other things that can slow page loading are special effects you might add to your page and code that is not compliant. Music files are typically pretty ‘heavy’, and take time to download.

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