Who Is Your Visitor? An Average Profile

According to Smashing Magazine:

“You never really know who is going to visit your web-site next. You have no idea which configuration will be used, what browser will be installed, which screen resolution will be in use. However, since you’d like to comfort most of your web users, you need to know their habits and the profile of your average visitor — to adapt the design and layout to your users’ needs.”

I recently installed Google Analytics on my FreePages website and according to the reports I receive, 60.75% of my visitors are using Internet Explorer and another 32% are using Firefox. Of those using IE, almost 73% are using IE7. Over 95% are using a Windows operating system and a little over 28% are using a screen resolution of 1280×1024 and another 27% are using 1024×768. The statistics also show me that a good percentage of my visitors are using Cable of DSL service but enough are still using dialup that I want them to be able to view the site quickly. Do you know the makeup of your average visitor?

Smashing magazine also says:

“Since only 50.4% maximise their browser windows, the screen resolution of 1024×768 doesn’t necessarily mean that your users are browsing with 1024px wide screen through your web-site.”

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